Step Three – Purchase Bitcoin

There are several avenues to buying Bitcoin, but here are some tried and true exchanges in the U.S. that offer a quality service. Keep in mind, some exchanges charge more than others, so make sure to look at the rates. While Coinbase is probably the most popular, the most cost effective choices are CashApp and SwanBItcoin.

  • Coinbase has been around a long time, but sometimes can get bogged down with heavy traffic
  • High exchange fees
  • Instant buy with Debit Card available
  • Very Large limits for those wanting to buy large amounts of Bitcoin
  • Fees are lower than Coinbase
  • Transfer money to CashApp in seconds and then buy Bitcoin
  • Fees are relatively low
  • Easy to scan in app of your Bitcoin wallet address QR Code for accurate withdrawals
  • Lowest fees
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic withdrawal to your hardware wallet
  • Best for recurring buys on DCA strategy

For those in the United States following the Dollar Cost Averaging approach to buying Bitcoin, we prefer SwanBitcoin. Once you set up your buying frequency, SwanBitcoin fills your buy orders on the schedule of your choosing and deposits to your hardware wallet. It is effortless.

For Users Outside of the United States