Hotspotty – The Essential Tool for Helium Mining

If you are mining Helium and not using Hotspotty, you probably should take a moment and check it out. For the past month or so, I have been using Hotspotty to track my installs. The more I use Hotspotty, the more I wonder how I got by without before.

Of the wonderful features that Hotspotty offers, the one that I have used most is the location planning tool. Very simply, their planning tool allows you to setup workspaces to collaborate with others and view future deployments by reward scale. Not only do they rank the locations by reward scale, but they also drill down exactly what is going on in ever Hex of the resolutions 4-10! This is the best way to explain to someone how their reward scale is being calculated, otherwise explaining HIP17 is somewhat of a nightmare. Just saying HIP17 to a Helium mining Noob can be bewildering to them. For further information on HIP17, please refer to the official Helium Documentation here.

A feature that I am very excited about is the commission tracking functionality. Not only will they track your hosts commissions, but they will help you pay them in one step instead of sending multiple payments. For those who have never sent 15 payments in an evening, it can take quite some time when you have to wait 5-10 minutes between payments; so this feature is going to be invaluable. When you add an install to one of the locations you have you entered, you can then associate that hotspot with a contact and enter their payment terms. If the payment you enter is going to be be payable in HNT tokens, you will be able to include them in the payments portal.

(Redacted for Privacy)

As you can see in the picture above, I had 16 installs for the 28 hotspots I had at the time the image was taken. Each of those installs has a host entered so that I can track what they are owed at the end of each month.

In order to join Hotspotty, you will need a Discord account. The reason that Hotspotty requires Discord is because their app is built for collaboration with other Helium miners. I have already received several messages from people through Hotspotty/Discord looking for information about my installs, because I was making higher rewards in their area and they had questions. How cool is that?

So if you are Helium Mining, I would strongly encourage you to go to Hotspotty and sign up.

Also, if you are mining Helium and looking for ways to keep your HNT tokens safe, check out my Blog post about using the Ledger Nano X to keep your HNT safe.