Cut your Phone to $25 with Visible Wireless and buy more Bitcoin

One of the best ways I have found to buy more Bitcoin is to cut my spending. Sounds simple right? Well, it is. I saved over $1,440 this past year by switching to Visible Wireless.

I was an AT&T customer for over 15 years and the only thing I got out of it was lots of dropped calls and large bills to pay. You’d expect to get what you pay for, but that was just not the case. Motivated by wanting to buy more Bitcoin, but being limited on funds, I sat down to look at my monthly bills.

I found Visible wireless and they actually solved two issues for me – Better Service and Lower cost. Another pain point was AT&T had me paying for data overages on the months where we went over our shared data plan. Pretty hard to manage when I am on the go and need access to email and apps. I didn’t want to increase my data plan because the cost was close to $200/month already. Visible has unlimited Talk, Text and Data.

Switching service to Visible Wireless was effortless. I submitted my AT&T account information to Visible and they handled porting my numbers over. A few days later, I received SIM cards in the mail. It was honestly so effortless that I was a but embarrassed that it took me so long to leave AT&T.

Did I mention the service has better than AT&T? I used to have issues getting service at home and I live in the 5th largest city in the Country! Crazy, I know. Visible Wireless is owned by Verizon and basically you are getting Verizon service at a discount. When I used to Drive to see my son in college, I could talk on the phone until College Station and then I was out of service until Waco. After passing Waco, it was hit or miss. With Visible, I can drive all the way to Stephenville and lose service in one 3 mile stretch of road just north or Waco.

Are there any downsides? That depends. During high peak times, my data will slow down a bit. Aside from that, no; I don’t really see any downsides.

Visible Wireless advertises their Unlimited Talk/Text/Data plan for $40 a month. But, if you join Party Pay and your group has at least members, then you will only pay $25 a month!

I have been with Visible Wireless for more than a year now and it has been great having a monthly cell phone plan that costs less than a steak. Honestly, I can’t see myself ever switching to another service.

If you use my link to join, please also join our Party so you can instantly receive the $25 a month service price. Each member of the party pays their own bill and Visible requires that members register a credit card for autopay. Pretty easy, right?

I almost forgot, anyone joining on my link will get their first month of service for $5. Take your current phone bill, subtract $25 and that will give you the sum of how much more Bitcoin you can stack every month. In my case, I saved over $120/month by switching; that’s over $1,440 a year for those who haven’t had their coffee yet.